Luxury dome escapes.

Domescapes provides a unique way to experience
panoramic Tasmanian views, whilst savouring some of the Islands’ delights.

Domescapes is a collaboration between a creative director, a musical event coordinator,
an owner of a thermal efficiency business, and a renewable energy electrician.

The result of this collaboration is a network of beautifully-crafted geodesic eco-domes, complete with
star-gazing sky windows, insulated dome walls and heating, mini-projectors and all the comforts of home.
Guests can enjoy 270º panoramic views, while indulging in some of the amazing local food and wine.

With five sites planned for Tasmania, the statewide glamping network,
will allow guests to get closer to the breathtaking natural scenery of Tasmania, in style.


For more information email or call 0419 718 146